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Are you looking for a health advocate? You have arrived at the right place. We are committed to ensuring that you’re receiving the best in terms of healthcare, wherever and whenever.


What we do

We provide health advocate services to people. SoCal Health Advocates has an established track record in the personal health advocacy business for over 20 years, and we are simply proud of the sheer number of patients we’ve helped.

We are a team of registered nurses headed by David Sandhu BSN, RN, a board-certified case manager and patient advocate. We have long and varied experience in the medical field and taking care of patients. We’ve been helping a lot of patients like you to get the best health care solutions, manage medical benefits and claims.

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We all know how chaotic the healthcare system looks to many, and it’s becoming increasingly complex and more expensive as well. Even if you do pay well, there are chances of your not getting the service you require.

Being uninsured and not having enough money means you’ll either get poor care or nothing at all. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. We are here to make your health care experience better, and that is the job of a health advocate.

We help people navigate through the complexities of the health care system so that they can avoid paying more or accepting less quality service of healthcare. Therefore, patients are more focused on recovery rather than worrying about the bills.

In addition to ensuring the delivery of optimum quality service, we also help and work directly with patients and communities to save money and time spent on health care.

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Management Team


Patient Advocate SoCal Health Advocate

David Sandhu, RN, BSN, PHN, CCM, CHA

Founder of SoCal Health Advocates

David Sandhu is a registered nurse with strong background in the healthcare industry- Patient Advocacy, Home Health Care, Disease Management, Managed Care, Hospitals, SNF, LTACs, Medicare, Health Plans, Case Management, Elder Care, Commercial Insurance, Health Plans, Benefits, EAP, Claims, Denials/Appeals, Health Coaching, Behavioral Health, Acute Care, Spinal Cord Injury/TBI, Burns, Psychiatric Care, Long Term Care Insurance, Preventative Health,  with certifications as a public health and internship in occupational nursing, whose professional career spans more than 20 years. David is a certified health advocate and accredited by Healthcare Liaison, Inc

David is currently a member of several prestigious organizations. He is a member of National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC), which is one of the first professional national organizations for people working in the area of healthcare advocacy. He is also a board-certified case manager by Case Management Society of America. He also currently holds a valid registered nurse license and Public Health Nurse license to practice in California.

David worked at the insurance giant UnitedHealthCare, where he became a senior case manager. He has served as a case manager, patient advocate, administrator, clinical manager for Utilization Management and Catastrophic Case Management servicing large custom key accounts with a number of 500 fortune companies. 

An incident in David’s life made him pursue health advocacy. On June 2008, he was gravely injured in a car accident; fracturing his lumbar vertebrae and sustained mild traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. While undergoing treatment and therapy, he witnessed how the healthcare system appeared hopeless and frustrating to patients. Fortunately, he made partial recovery (after cervical spine fusion surgery), and dedicated himself to a mission to help and be a partner for others, and helps them gain the best possible care in our complex healthcare system.


Medical Advocate Healthcare Patient Healthcare Insurance Billing

Patient Advocate

Mandeep Sidhu BS, MS, PA-C

Mandeep Sidhu is a certified physician assistant with license to practice in California. Mandeep is a health advocate specializing in women’s health. She is an expert with hands-on experience in cancer detection and prevention, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) treatment, infertility and reproductive health problems.

Mandeep finished her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies in 2008 and immediately worked in a women’s clinic where she became an advocate to those who cannot afford treatment.


Company Overview

The SoCal Health Advocates is a sole proprietorship registered in Cypress, Orange County, California.

Contact us:

SoCal Health Advocates

6422 Ferne Ave., Cypress, CA 90630

(714) 747-7911

Email us: david@socalhealthadvocates.com


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