What is a Health Advocate? What is a Patient Advocate?

Health advocate is a designated clinical consultant, who organizes a wide variety of health care related support and educational services to maintain, improve, and manage health of a patient or a client. Clinical health advocates are generally nurses, doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners that have had some experience in the health care field or a specialty. There are health advocates who are social workers with an experience in the health care setting. Although most health advocates are clinicians, health advocates can also be non-medical professionals who may have had a personal lengthy experience with a condition or may have helped a loved one suffering from a certain health condition.

Health advocate will assist client/patient navigate the health care system to address any health care needs Health Advocate can help patient/client with learning about their health benefits, programs, and resources. Advocate can prevent illness or adverse outcome for a patient/client by identifying health risks early. Experienced medical health advocates can effectively help a patient/client manage his/her health care by removing obstacles, providing timely access to care, delivering personalized care and promoting safe/quality outcomes.

SoCal Health Advocates has years of experience dealing with patient/client health issues including coordinating services with doctors/specialists, hospitals, insurance companies, ancillary providers, and other health clinicians. Here are a few health advocate success stories or testimonials.

What does a health advocate do? What does a patient advocate do? Find out more

Health Advocate provides health advocacy to a patient/client in all stages of their health continuum.


• Acute health care issues

• Co-Morbid Issues

• Chronic Conditions

• Complex Catastrophic Issues



• Healthcare Quality Issues

• Healthcare Resources

• Special benefits/programs



• Insurance Issues

• Prescription plan

• Referrals

• Denials

• Appeals


• Doctors or Specialist

• Hospital or Facility

• Ancillary Provider

• Second Opinions

• Discharge from Facility

• Family or Loved Ones



• Doctor or Specialist

• Ancillary Providers

• Family or Loved Ones Negotiate

• Out of Network Charges

• Level of Care


• Insurance terms

• Procedure/Surgery

• Disease process

• Preventive Health

• Test, Treatment, & Drugs Review

• Plan Benefits

• Community resource

• Employer resources



• Communication tools

• Research on condition/diagnosis

• Center of Excellence

• Doctors and Hospitals

• Facilities

• Ancillary Services



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