What is a Health Advocate? What is a Patient Advocate?

Health advocate is a designated clinical consultant, who organizes a wide variety of health care related support and educational services to maintain, improve, and manage health of a patient or a client. Clinical health advocates are generally nurses, doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners that have had some experience in the health care field or a specialty. There are health advocates who are social workers with an experience in the health care setting. Although most health advocates are clinicians, health advocates can also be non medical professionals who may have had a personal lengthy experience with a condition or may have helped a love one suffering from a certain health condition.

Health advocate will assist client/patient navigate the health care system to address any health care needs Health Advocate can help patient/client with learning about their health benefits, programs, and resources. Advocate can prevent illness or adverse outcome for a patient/client by identifying health risks early. Experienced medical health advocates can effectively help a patient/client manage his/her health care by removing obstacles, providing timely access to care, delivering personalized care and promoting safe/quality outcomes.

SoCal Health Advocates has years of experience dealing with patient/client health issues including coordinating services with doctors/specialists, hospitals, insurance companies, ancillary providers, and other health clinicians. Here are a few health advocate success stories or testimonials.

What does a health advocate do? What does a patient advocate do? Find out more

Health Advocate provides health advocacy to a patient/client in all stages of their health continuum.


• Acute health care issues

• Co-Morbid Issues

• Chronic Conditions

• Complex Catastrophic Issues



• Healthcare Quality Issues

• Healthcare Resources

• Special benefits/programs



• Insurance Issues

• Prescription plan

• Referrals

• Denials

• Appeals


• Doctors or Specialist

• Hospital or Facility

• Ancillary Provider

• Second Opinions

• Discharge from Facility

• Family or Loved Ones



• Doctor or Specialist

• Ancillary Providers

• Family or Loved Ones Negotiate

• Out of Network Charges

• Level of Care


• Insurance terms

• Procedure/Surgery

• Disease process

• Preventive Health

• Test, Treatment, & Drugs Review

• Plan Benefits

• Community resource

• Employer resources



• Communication tools

• Research on condition/diagnosis

• Center of Excellence

• Doctors and Hospitals

• Facilities

• Ancillary Services



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