• Negotiate with the gatekeeper…

Most importantly, you’ve helped negotiate with the gatekeeper which was very difficult for me. So you’ve been a great service which I thoroughly appreciate. Just so you know, I had the imaging place check the disc (no problem), and provide me with films should there be any questions.

Thank you again for all your help

J.C., Fountain Valley, California
  • Experience dealing with insurance companies… (savings $15,000) …see article

My father had seen an article in the Wall Street Journal about patient advocates, so I did some research and came up with the name of David Sandhu, RN, an advocate who works out of Huntington Beach. “We gave him a call,” says Farrell. “He was very helpful and compassionate and understood immediately what was going on with me. He’s had a lot of experience dealing with insurance companies and their tricks.”

Even eight months after the fall, I am still getting invoices. Now I hands them over to Sandhu to take on. “He has saved me thousands of dollars and untold hours of stress. “I’m really, really grateful for him.”

J.F., Calabasas, California

“My wife had extensive hospital bills and her insurance company denied payment on many of the items billed.  I was overwhelmed with dealing with the hospital and the insurance company while caring for my wife.  We contacted David and asked if he could help us.  We gave him all of the bills and he took over.  He worked with the hospital, and in our case almost all of the outstanding balance was dismissed. He is still dealing with the insurance company on our behalf.  This all takes a lot of time and effort, which I could not have been able to do by myself.  We highly recommend David, you will be glad you gave him a call.”

“Update 11/8/2014.  Since my first review we received a refund for a large portion of the hospital charges we already paid. David is still working with the insurance company and the state insurance oversight with appeals.”

B.P., Mission Viejo, California

  • Knowledgeable, helpful, and informative…

“Attn: SoCal Health Advocates I am writing after contacting SoCal Health Advocates for assistance with issues related to the care being provided to a relative by her nursing home and healthcare provider. I contacted SoCal Health Advocates two month ago when I was confronted with multiple questions associated with the health issues and the care that my mother was receiving. My mother was experiencing challenging physical conditions, and I was in need of an advocate with knowledge in the relevant field. I was put in touch with David Sandhu. David turned out to be the ideal person with whom I needed to consult when important decisions needed to be made. He was supportive, and provided much useful information in a professional and patient manner. His compassion and pleasant demeanor really came across to our family. David was knowledgeable, helpful and informative at a time when I needed it most. Our family would highly recommend him and we would call him first if anything ever came up again in the future. Thank you for reviewing my comments, and please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions about the outstanding service that I experienced.”

P.M, San Clemente, California

  • reassurance and hope…

“Dear David, We wanted to give you an update on Mum. She is making a very good recovery in India and is slowly regaining movement in the paralyzed arm leg. Yesterday, I learned that she is now able to sit unsupported for a period of half an hour. The physical therapy team in India are optimistic that a full recovery is a very real possibility. Dealing with the outfall of Mums stroke was perhaps one of the most harrowing and stressful experiences of our life. Our main concern, which was of course her full recovery, was overshadowed by the difficult communications we had with the hospital. Innumerable times we listened to but were not heard, we spoke, but our concerns  were ignored, shrugged off as inconsequential. We struggled without hope to find a sympathetic ear, a friendly voice to help us through the maze in which we found ourselves. It is for all these reasons that we are so truly grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts. You came along when all hope was lost. There is no easy way to capture in words the feeling of reassurance and hope that manifested because of you. The sincerity and tenacity with which you stood by us, your calm re-assurances that all would work out and the selfless effort you put forth on our behalf will always be remembered with the fondest of memories and the deepest gratitude. Words fail to adequately express our gratitude but yet, inadequate as they are, we wanted to write a few to let you know how much we valued your time and efforts. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.” Recent Follow Up….. “We are all doing good! Mom is recovering quite well…with help of 2 hours of physio therapy everyday she has just started walking by herself and climbs up and down the stairs ( five or six at a time with support of the bannister) . She is able to eat and drink as usual and her eye has opened up around 60%..still going for more therapy. I will send you a video of her soon 🙂 We will always be so grateful for the support that you gave us during our difficult time!”

S.S., New Jersey

  • Saving of $18016.66

    David, thanks for clearing up the Methodist hospital bill.

F.T., Monrovia, California

  • rapid resolutions…

“I would like to applaud the excellent work and follow through done by registered nurse and health advisor, David Sandhu.  David helped us quickly resolve our insurance issues.   In November 2009 our 2 year old daughter, Hailey, was diagnosed with a speech delay and needed speech therapy.  David helped us negotiate through the confusing maze of coverage determination, filing a “gap request”, and finally receiving our authorization.  Over the course of a dozen or more phone calls with David, we received our approval for speech therapy and Hailey is continuing to show steady improvements with her speech. Then on March 26, 2010 we were notified my insurance company had not paid for speech therapy bills worth $264, from January.  I spent an hour on the phone with the insurance company, waiting on hold, only to be told they were not sure why they were not paid, considering we had prior authorization.  I then called David, who assured me he would help me get the information needed if the supervisor from “rapid resolutions” could not.  Fortunately, the supervisor returned my call and provided us with the information that answered our questions and helped relieve our financial stress. Please know that I appreciate your professionalism, knowledge of our insurance, and ability to help us fulfill our speech therapy needs in a timely manner.”

P.K., California

  • caring has helped…

“Just wanted to personally thank you for so much you’ve done. You can’t possibly know how all your calls, concerns, and caring has helped in all ways. I did make an appointment with the skin Dr. for Nov already. I try not to worry about upcoming future with healthcare, but difficult. Thank you, thank you, thank you for so much information.”

G. C., Oklahoma

  • you went an extra mile for me…..

“Dear David,

I appreciate all you help and assistance to make things easy for us. It is rare that we can make a good relationship with insurance coordinators. I am happy that my insurance company has such caring and considerate person. You went an extra mile for me.

May god bless you and shower all the happiness on you and your family. It is people like you who make hurting less when your loved one is sick.”

S.S., California

  • help families the way you helped us…

“Dear Mr. David:

I started writing this so many times trying to make sure that I express all that I needed to about how much you helped us. You phone calls checking to see how we were, or whether we needed anything, or making sure that I was a aware of the mental help line phone number were things that helped me function. We were devastated by Nelson’s Illness. After his death in the hospital my 18 year old could not sleep in her bed or stay at home. She moved out. My 16y year old cried herself to sleep most nights. I went about duties in a daze. I tried to think that we weren’t the 1st family to experience this nor the last, but it was our first experience with death that hit us that hard.

You helped me with his health issues and even though I was in a fog, I made decisions. I was able to say it’s o.k.

I hope that you continue to help families the way you helped us and that they appreciate it as much as we did.

Thanks for everything.”

A. H., Texas

  • Won my insurance case…

Hi David, Won my insurance case, Thank you so much for all your time and advice. – Tony

T.M., New York

  • Feel good about being control of your care

David, We wanted to let you know that my husband was able to get appointment with the specialist who was out of network and approved for ongoing evaluation of my husband’s GI issues. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. We greatly appreciate your assistance in coming with us to our primary physician’s appointment and discussing our concerns and issues with our healthcare services. We are also able to get the medical supplies that were not previously approved by the insurance.

P.S., California

  • Makes a huge difference in my life….

Hi David, Great news! I just picked up 8 Zomig at my pharmacy and got a refund for the last 2 times I paid out of pocket for it. They will now cover 8 pills every 16 days. Thank you so much for making this happen!  I am so happy to have at least some of the Zomig covered again. This makes a huge difference in my life. I am very grateful to you and the work you do.

T.R., California

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